Be a Voter

Why? Because laws don't care if you're not political. Because voting is how you make a difference. Because one voter in ten actually votes. Because it is your right. Because voting is not as easy as it should be. Because you care about your family, your neighbors, and your community.

Be a Voter is a non-partisan voter engagement initiative to create a culture of voting through innovative projects and good old fashioned boots on the ground.

In Kansas we now vote every year in August and November. Learn what you need to know to vote, when important dates are coming up, and what you can do to help turn out voters.

How to Vote! - All you need to know about how to vote in Kansas in 2019. Look it over print it out, check it off, make a difference!

Voter to Voter - A project to organize communities and partners around relationships and voting. It's easier to listen if the person talking is a friend.

Remember to vote. Then, do more than vote.