About the Be a Voter initiative

The Be a Voter initiative is a project of the MainStream Education Foundation, an organization dedicated to increasing the political engagement of Kansas citizens.

Be a Voter is a non-partisan effort to increase voter engagement, with the ultimate goal of increasing voter turnout in political elections. With primary and municipal election turnout hovering around 10%, there is a great need to have more citizen voices represented in government. One out of ten voters are making decisions for the other nine.

We have engaged in non-partisan canvassing, phone-banking, and mailing. In the summer and fall of 2016, we supported a dozen interns who took to the streets of Johnson County to meet voters in their homes, at events, even waving signs on street corners on election day. They visited Topeka, met with legislators and other elected officials, and learned what it takes to put the boots on the ground. And they made a difference. Our data suggested that GOTV efforts had an impact on the races where our efforts were placed.

In 2018, we made several efforts to increase voter engagement by building a culture of voting around the people you know. Conversations about the importance of voting with friends, family, and neighbors, with peers and with people in the community, have been shown to lead to greater engagement and turnout. In 2019, we are expanding our wildly successful Voter to Voter project, and continuing to inform Kansans about the importance of voting.

Explore our site, our current projects, and help yourself to our voting information. Feel free to ask us questions about voting in Kansas. Sign our voting pledge, and make a plan to vote.

Then, do more than vote. Get involved with your friends and family, with on of our projects, or in your community to get out the vote. Because this is how you make a difference.

Thank you for voting.