Apply to Vote by Mail

Voting by mail is one of the best ways to secure your vote. You can apply to have a ballot sent to your house, fill it out, sign it (and sign the outside of the envelope, too!) and mail it in before election day. This saves you time, prevents the weather or a flat tire from keeping you from voting, and helps out your candidate. It may even reduce the robocalls you get!

Each county in Kansas handles advance voting a little different, but many rely on the forms from the Secretary of State's office. We've listed specific counties below where they have their own forms, and the SoS form, too.

How to apply for an advance ballot

If you're a resident of Johnson County, find a mobile phone and use the mobile phone only online application to fill it out and submit it online.

If you're not a resident of Johnson County, find the form below that works best for you (ideally, the one in your county, or the State form). Print it out, fill it out, and send it in:

  • You can mail it via the postal service to your county election office at the address on the form. The back of the State form list every county election office.
  • You can fax it to your county election office.
  • You can scan it and email it, too. Email addresses aren't listed on the State form, but you can find the email address of your county election office here:

Use the State form:

Or use the form from your specific county: