Vote! Vote! Vote! Parties

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Vote! Vote! Vote! Parties - Get out the vote on your block, in your neighborhood, with your people! Ideas inside for games, trivia, menu items and message! Voting doesn't have to be staid and boring!

One of our projects this year is an effort to engage voters in their social circles, kicking off the election season with what else, parties! We've prepared materials you can read, download and print out.

Your party

Vote Vote Vote Parties

From the Vote! Vote! Vote! trivia questions...

The state’s name comes from a Kansas Indian word ‘kanza’, meaning what?

  • Great Plains
  • South Wind
  • Buffalo
  • Horse
  • Flatter than a pancake

33 more questions inside!

From the Vote! Vote! Vote! menu ideas...

Beat everybody else to the punchbowl of Democracy and tie one on for America!

Made from only the finest bipartisan, free-range birds.

This item has been on the “Vote! Vote! Vote!” menu for decades and no one ever orders it. Not even sure why certain people insist we put it on the menu!

More creative menu items for your party inside!

What is a Vote! Vote! Vote! Party?

It’s a party YOU have at your house or your favorite coffee shop or your favorite bar. The purpose of the party is to inspire/ encourage/ cajole your friends, relatives, neighbors, etc. to vote in the 2018 primary and general elections.

Why would you have a Vote! Vote! Vote! Party?

Because every vote counts and you know people who don’t vote. The best way to get people to vote is to have someone they know and trust talk to them about voting (this is a research-based truth!) If you have a party and you get just one person to vote who wouldn’t have voted otherwise, you might have changed the future of Kansas politics.

When is your Vote! Vote! Vote! Party?

The official party weekend starts Friday, June 29, June 30th, and ends on Sunday, July 1st, but it’s YOUR party so you get to decide when to host it. We’re going to push out a lot of social media fun on that specific weekend and spotlight as many of the parties as possible, but if you want to host it on a different date that’s totally okay!

Let us know if you’re having a party! Email Liz at We will give you a shout out on our Facebook and Twitter accounts and we’ll send you super-strong party vibes. Plus, we’d like to follow-up and see how we can make this party kit even better.

How do you host your Vote! Vote! Vote! Party?

You invite some people, have some snacks and drinks, and then talk to them about voting. You can use all or some of the materials in this kit:

  1. Party Description (.pdf)
  2. Election Dates and Websites (.pdf)
  3. Voter Checklist (.pdf)
  4. Menu (.pdf)
  5. Trivia (.pdf)
  6. House Party Games (.pdf)
  7. Party Invitation (.pdf)