Voter to Voter

Voter to Voter logoVoter to Voter is an innovative project in peer-to-peer advocacy. We have begun identifying Teams who will identify ten of their most engaged community members to nominate as ambassadors to the Voter to Voter program. Those ambassadors will connect with ten of their friends, family, and co-workers, and with the help of the Voter to Voter staff, will engage them in the importance of voting, cajoling, convincing, and helping them through the non-partisan steps of registration, education, and voting.

Partner organizations and Teams will be able to follow and assist their ambassadors towards the ultimate goal: a community of active, engaged voters who will in turn spread the importance of being engaged and being voters.

We are excited to work with our partners to make a real difference in our communities.

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Non-partisan. That's right, we won't tell you who your voters should vote for. We won't push a partisan platform. We just want more people to vote. When more people vote, more people are represented in our representative democracy, and that's good.

Private. Because you're the one getting in touch with your voters, we don't have any of their contact information. And we pledge to use your contact info only for this project. We do use the public voter records available from the Secretary of State, but that's what the campaigns do, too. The difference is, we're giving you the tools.

Effective. In our first pilot trial during the general election in 2018, our voters turned out at 82%! The state of Kansas turned out at 56%. And it gets better. Infrequent voters voted statewide at 33%. In Voter to Voter, they came out at 75%!

Join us! If your organization, be it an advocacy group, a PTA, a church, a neighborhood business alliance, a small business with a strong community, a home owner's association, a book club, an activist clique, or whoever you are, if you are interested in creating a new culture of voting, get in touch with us!